A Honda 600 Photo Gallery

Here you can find pictures of nice examples of Honda 600s.
If you have photos that you would like to add to this collection, please email me.

My own 1971 Honda 600 Coupe:  Here are a few pages of pictures taken of my favorite example of this cool little car...click on a set of photos to view them.


Route 22 Honda in Hillside, New Jersey (2 miles west of Newark airport) has an absolutely extraordinary collection of 600s on permanent display in their showroom.  There is a Coupe, a Sedan, and an S600 Convertible.  They have taken a "no expenses spared" attitude to the restoration of these three cars, and it shows.  Each one has it's own page here.  Be patient, there are lots of big pictures on each page.  It is worth the wait.  I am not sure these cars looked so good when they were NEW.

      The Coupe      The Sedan      The S600 convertible

Andy in Scotland owned a Z600 for 30 years.  Take a look at his restoration project.
Luca in Italy has just finished restoring an S600.  Take a look some in-progress pictures, and the final product...
James in New Zealand has completed the restoration of an N360...  take a look!
Volker in Germany has put a whole lot of work into his Coupe.  Here are some pictures...
Shoki in California has a really nice sedan.  See for yourself...
Jon in Las Vegas has got an "Azral Blue" 1970 Sedan.... here are some photos.
"Doc" in Mississippi owns an extra-rare sedan that was converted in the '70s to a pickup truck
Franck in France has a fine collection of Z's and N's and S's!
My Honda was part of a group of microcars at a show in Ledgewood, NJ

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